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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Pakistan ka Dastarkhwan - Biggest food fest for Karachiites

Are you craving to eat something special this weekend? If Yes! then here’s your chance to cook nothing and eat everything. Pakistan ka Dastarkhwan is all set to serve from 21st  April to 23rd April, 2017 at Frere Hall Karachi. Become the witness of biggest buffet festival in the history of Pakistan. As the name uncovers Pakistan ka Dastarkhwan will serve you more than 100 famous food franchises under one roof.


PKD brings you Javed Nihari along with Karachi’s Shaan Mazedar Haleem just some stalls apart, not only that PKD will drive every foodie crazy by serving Quetta Sajji all the way from Quetta,famous Lahori delight Yasir Broast Chargha, Charsi Tikka from Khyber Tikka Shop Peshawar, delicious Palla fish from Hyderabad apart from all these main course dishes PKD presents you Khalifa Nan Khatai from Lahore, famous Hajji Rabri from Hyderabad, Dilpasand Mithai from Karachi,mouth watering Kulfi from Makli and many many more.


Pakistan ka Dastarkhwan is a unique concept of all you can eat in a festival which is
assembled under valuable supervision of Naseem Akhtar- Ceo Brand Engage. So far Pakistan ka Dartarkhwan is spreading positive cultural vibes amongst Karachiites. Each ticket costs 1500/Rs+Tax, the ticket amount is to be paid once for all on the entrance and you will be allowed to tickle your taste buds until you give up!


TvOne and NewsOne are the media partner for this next big thing in Karachi. So gear up foodies residing in Karachi to taste Pakistan on one dastarkhwan.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Tv One's Dastaar e Anna reunites Uzma Gillani and Abid Ali on screen after 14 years

Uzma Gillani is all set to do her television comeback as Zebunissana in Dastaar-e-Anna. Abid Ali and Uzma Gillani the legends of Pakistani Drama industry will be seen together after 14 years.
Dastaar e Anna is a captivating drama serial with an interesting story line built up by Amin Sadiq. Dastaar e Anna will deliver an impactful message amongst the audience. The drama serial revolves around a story of a lady Zebunissa (Uzma Gillani) who loves to control the life of people around her. The main lead Saniya Shamshad as Mahnoor is shown as the granddaughter of Zebunissa. Mahnoor is a gentle and kind soul, who is scared of her granddaughter and tries to obey. Salman Saeed is playing the opposite lead role to Saniya Shamshad and the story is a traditional love story which is shot on the beautiful locations of Northern Areas in Pakistan.'

Kashif Mahmood a well-known face of Pakistani Drama industry will be seen in a negative role as Waleed in Dastaar e Anna. Kashif has a boy next door personality and this role must be a challenge for him.
Do you think Mahnoor will go against her grandmother for the lover?

An adept director Mohsin Talat together with the talented cast including Salman Saeed, Ayesha Gul, Uzma Gillani all the way from Canada over a voice call became part of the launch and bloggers meet of Dastaar e Anna.The melodious OST of Dastaar e Anna is composed by Maestro Waqar Ali and sung by none other than Coke Studio star Jabir Abbas.

Director's Note: "Our mission is to create awareness of keeping balance in relationships and solve the negative slot in the society. Either drama is character based issue based, here in this drama we have tried to provide the audience with an impactful message."

Cast's Note: " Challenging roles like these is the beauty of acting, this is my passion that's why I am here"- Aisha Gul

TV One uncovered mysteries and the OST screening of the upcoming dramatization Dastaar-e-Anna in the bloggers meet up with the enthusiastic cast at the Pi Social CafĂ©. 
Watch Dastaar -e- Anna starting from 14th April 2017, every Friday 8pm only on TvOne.

Friday, 7 April 2017

"Hareem Farooq to escalate HumTv Award 2017 in the HOST avatar"

“I am really looking forward to the night.”- Hareem Farooq

Yes! you got it right Ms perfect actress with a passion for production Hareem Farooq will host the upcoming HumTv awards. Hareem emerged as an extraordinary filmmaker in the most recent year, her consecutive performances, and additionally, silver screen ventures had made her name in the indusrty.

HumTV award is one of the greatest occasion which happens each year with a specific goal to perceive Pakistani talent.

“I am really looking forward to the night,” commented Hareem Farooq. "I won my first award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Debut Role for my role in Mausam at the Hum Awards, so it will be an event that will always be close to my heart."

Hareem recently announced her collaboration with Loreal Professional as a spokesperson, and apart from that, she has been Veet Academy as a health and fitness expert.

I am certain Hareem will give the best in her new Role as a Host of the night and the lights of her style and excellence will be the sparkle of HumTv Award.

Iznik’s Spring/Summer Lawn Collection launched

Iznik Spring/Summer 2017 Unstitched Collection serenades beauty in all its forms; rose frescos, gardens, and pastel rain. The PRE-BOOKING started on 24th March 2017 and the collection was available in all the leading stores nationwide on 27th March 2017.
Iznik’s second lawn collection presents 10 distinct designs; complementing the collections’ pure 80*80 lawn is the use of pure chiffon for dupattas. With a colour palette celebrating vibrant and summery tones, Iznik includes designs ranging from floral to Moroccan patterns; baroque to French teasels.

With vibrant chiffon dupattas, embellished add-ons and detailed embroideries in the most perfect summer colors, the collection has all the dynamism of luxury wear and the practicality of lawn.
Iznik believes when you feel confident in your clothes, you get an automatic, extra amount of style. Iznik Team has paid very close attention to the craftsmanship and the wearability of lawn. To make sure the clients have the finest pieces as they have used best quality Lawn, latest digital printing, and embroidery technologies. All the outfits and unstitched three pieces and are reasonably priced at Rs. 3,990/- available at all the leading stores nationwide as well as online.

Iznik is a name that synonymous with regal clothes that exude extravagance and magnificence. This season too, Iznik has crafted clothes that will give you a timeless appeal in the most stylish manner. So grab your dress from the collection featuring brilliance for giving your wardrobe a dose of glamor this season.

For more information on Crimson,
please visit: Facebook:
Instagram: Iznikfashion

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Top Five Makeup Artists and their Warm eyes and Nude lips

"Rouge your style with our maestros according to your sting." [Tweet]

Warm eyes are the symbol of intensity and to balance over the nude is introduced. Pakistan was still following the trend of the leading ladies being featured in films or television. Those bold lips use to signify the Pakistani makeup trends till late 2015. If we talk about revolution in the makeup industry we have to give the credits to the juveniles who leaped into the makeover market and changed the concepts and amalgamated with the roots elegantly.

The threshold of this concept Bina Khan of Bina Khan Salon does justice with this concept every time. The look of this bride has a very subtle essence and has the eye capturing intensity with the warm eye makeover

Likewise, if you compare it with the Natasha Khalid’s devised looks, there is a glimpse of glow and glare, and it complements the formal and chic looks.


Apart from glow and glare, we have the fair bunch of audience who prefer matte looks and for that nothing can beat the makeovers done by Depliex Group and conquer the beauty the talented artists from their clan uses Masarat Misbah Makeup series.

Shifting to the trendy gaze again we have Anam Falak in the row as well, Anam is a high paid makeup artist and has been a talk of the town for her work.The way she does justice with warm and balanced nude looks, nothing can beat that.

To conclude the nude lips and warm eyes there’s been this artist who well known by her name only “Shamain”, her looks have the spark and the subtle equity.
I am sure this article will be a great help for your Big day!