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Monday, 7 August 2017

A little creativity with my MM Orange Lipstick

Lately, I received two newly launched MM lipsticks, for those who don't know "MM" here's a little intro, MM makeup stands for Masarrat Misbah Makeup the first halal cosmetic range launched in Pakistan. It's been a year I am MM Fan and the Depliex group.

Being a bold colour fan I loved how Voila looked but the shade orange was a bit harsh for my skin tone and wondering what I could do I came up with an idea that how would it be if I make this orange lipstick an orange corrector. While filming the thing for my youtube channel I knew it will be hit and Yay! It is.


Watch Full Tutorial Here:

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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Are you a fitness freak? Yes! Read about Body Makeover Challenge Here:

Bodybeat Recreational Centre, better known as BBRC, held Body Makeover Challenge 3 on July 25th 2017 from 8-10pm at Bodybeat Recreational Centre. It has been the third in its series of Body Makeover Challenge. The first took place in September 2016 while the second was held in April 2017.

Body Makeover Challenge is the platform that brings fitness trainers from all over Karachi to compete for various fitness challenges and prove their strength. The challenges and their judges for Body Makeover Challenge 3 were #handstandpushups judged by Hydro Fit Team, #staticsquat judged by Team My Gym, #pushupchallenge and #pistolsquats judged by Team BBRC, #plankoneleglifted by Team AQYoga, #oneminutecurlup judged by Team Club-M, and #headstandpushup judged by Team BBRC.

Bodybeat Recreational Centre is a dance and fitness studio based in Karachi. Being a pioneer in its category, BBRC aims to build a platform bringing all the fitness pioneers together. It is through this platform that it aims to educate the fitness buffs of all the options available in Karachi. BBRC believes in fitness awareness as different people have different goals and BBRC aims to provide the best program to each and every individual.

The winners for each challenge were:

Mr. Nasir Inayat Khan won#HandstandPushups
Mr. Rizwaan Noor won #CurlupChallenge
Mr. Ahmed Anwerwon #PushupChallenge
Mr. Nasir Inayat Khan won #StaticSquatChallenge
Mr.Rizwaan Noor won #PistolSquatsChallenge
Mr. Ajlaan won #HeadPushupsChallenge
Mr.Rizwaan Noor won #PlankOneLegLiftedChallenge

The winner for each challenge received a Ticket to Dubai, sports bag and G-shock watch while the event was sponsored by Wheatables and G-Shock.

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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Faysal Quraishi Donates Blood- When? Where? - Read Here

Pakistan’s favourite actor and popular TV host FaysalQuraishi has proved himself to be the finest of them all!   But, how?

In an effort to encourage more people to donate blood FaysalQuraishi has recently decided to have his fingers pricked, and presenting his own veins in support of the Kashif Iqbal Thalassemia Care Center (KITCC) blood donation request.

According to reports, Faysal received a voice note from the representative of KITCC informing about the urgent requirement of fresh, healthy, blood donations to save lives of their young patients.

An official statement from FaysalQuraishi quoted him saying, 
"I really want to support this appeal because giving blood is such an amazing thing to do. Blood isn't just needed when people have accidents - it's also used to help treat health conditions like cancer, thalassemia, long term illnesses and in maternity care. I would urge healthy people to consider blood donation as it takes only a little of your time, but can save lives…”  

 How can we be a part of this venture?

To find out if you are eligible to become a blood donor and make a date to donate please call KITCC 
on 0335 2890020.

 Disclaimer: "Blood cannot be given more frequently than 16 weeks, which is only three times a year. To find out more please consult your physician."

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Don't Judge a Mother by her Profession-Yes! you heard it right Sunny Leone Adopts a Girl.

Being super judgmental our society is lacking in basic ethics each passing day. Recently, former Porn Star Sunny Leone shared her moments with a cute little girl which she adopted earlier in this month. So what went wrong then? Her profession? The society we live in chokes a single mother, single father transgender now a porn star. Their basic right of becoming a parent is a public property now, but why? 

Apart, from some judgmental asses, we have some sense able ones as well...

I admire you for adopting a child @SunnyLeone and Daniel.- Diya Mirza But, Here's what I want you guys to read...
Wow! He just said that! I am sure his amma behen are safe from this advice... And this another one will blow your minds, this guy actually said that.... & he must be feeling so proud Right?
What are your thoughts about Sunny's bold move? I am sure she did it for her peace of mind but, can we please "SPARE" her & her little one? 


Sarwat Gilani 's Fertility Is Not Your Problem- Actress Shuts Gossipers!

Mind Your Own Business! Says Sarwat face book post yesterday, here's why!
Recently, Sarwat became a mother of a beautiful son, but there's a problem. Period. People who think everything is their business came out and back lashed Sarwat for getting pregnant again and again. Mind my language but "Yahan Bacha Paida Karna Bhi Gunnah Hay or Nah Paida Karna Bhi"  

Why is it everyone's business to comment on how many children should I have? Why is it anyone's concern how late or soon should I have them and funnily enough why is it always men who have such lame concerns? My fertility is certainly not your problem nor an excuse to have a conversation or make a joke. Don't misunderstand my politeness for weakness! You all know who you are! Get a book on how to converse with a lady who already keeps you at a distance or next time you shall be tagged! - Says Sarwat

A post shared by Sarwat Gilani Mirza (@sarwatg) on

My fertility is not your problem, neither my independence.. Since the day I have become a 
mother, I am hearing the only thing you know what? When are you getting another one..... "Ab Paida Bhi Karlo" nobody spares us the ones who want babies and the ones who don't want one.
I love the fact that Sarwat came forward and gave lashers a word for their entire life.... You all know who you are! says Sarwat because she knows them in person.
Public figure or not, certainly fertility & marriage are two of the most questionable things in the east, no idea about the west, so I reserve my thoughts about that.
Hats off Sarwat for doing this, for the ones having babies and for the ones who don't want...


Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Project Ghazi trailer unveiled

GYR Films recently hosted a press conference in Karachi for Pakistan's first superhero film, Project Ghazi set to release on July 14, 2017, where the trailer of the film was showcased to the members of the media for the first time.

#ProjectGhazi is directed by Nadir H. Shah and produced by Syed Mohammad Ali Raza. The action sci-fi has been completely shot in Pakistan and stars Sheheryar Munawar, Syra Shehroz & Humayun Saeed in pivotal roles. Background score has been composed by Taurees Habib, who has been part of the music team in Hollywood film & television productions like Interstellar, Batman vs Superman, Man of Steel (Superman) to name a few.

“I am honoured to have worked with a team of extremely talented individuals who have put their all in the movie.” shared Syed Mohammad Ali Raza, Producer of the movie.
“It’s a unique genre for Pakistan and could open doors for new and unexplored stories to reach audiences.” said Nadir H. Shah, Director of Project Ghazi.

“Mondelez is committed to supporting talent and we believe that local talent plays a vital role in the development and image building of a nation. We are extremely excited about the rise of new cinema in Pakistan and looking forward to lending our support to such promising initiatives - like Project Ghazi - in the future as well." Shared  Usman Muneer, MD Mondelez Pakistan.

About Project Ghazi:
Project Ghazi is the first ever super hero movie to be made in Pakistan and the cast includes Syra Shehroz, Sheheryar Munnawar, Humayun Saeed, Aamir Qureshi, Adnan Jaffer, Raza Hyder and Nusrat Hidayutullah. Project Ghazi’s story is all about Pakistan's super soldier program and it is a battle to defeat a sinister organization bent on creating chaos and mayhem across Pakistan.

For more information visit:

Monday, 19 June 2017

Heels Launched in Style at LuckyOne Mall

 Heels launched its flagship 
store at Lucky One Mall, Karachi on Thursday 15 June 
2017. The launch event was attended by celebrities and 
A-listers, besides socialites, media personnel, friends and

Spearheaded by Ashraf Mayia, Jawad Durrani and Asim 
Hafeez, Heels strive to offer the best in footwear to 
its discerning clients. 

At the grand launch, the brand also introduced its 
latest Eid collection titled ‘A Festive Affair’. 
The evening commenced with the arrival of television 
stars followed by the ribbon cutting ceremony performed 
by Mr Mirza Ishtiaq Baig and celebrated actor Minal 

This was followed by an entertaining fashion show 
showcasing the best of heels. Models could be seen 
adorned in smart western wear sporting smart and trendy 
footwear by Heels. The models had been beautified by 
Beenish Pervaiz.

During the fashionable presentation, lip-smacking hors 
d’oeuvers and cocktails were also served to the delight 
of the guests. 

The event was well-organised promising to set a new 
milestone for the brand.

The event was organised by T-Factor Events; styling and 
wardrobe by Thomas Fernandes. Media management and PR 
was handled by IDEAS Events PR.